Some Information and Rules


Football & Cheer:

  1. In order for your child to participate in practice or the games he / she must have all equipment on to include a mouth piece. We issue the first mouth piece at no cost but if the child looses it or chews it up we have more at the price of $3.00 per mouth piece.
  2. During practice if equipment (Full Pads) is required then this includes the following: Helmet, Mouth Piece, Chin Strap, Shoulder Pads with a practice Jersey over the shoulder pads, practice pants and cleats.
  3. We can not have parents, siblings or any other children or adults on the field during practice. This causes a safety hazard and we don’t want anyone getting hurt. Coaches are trying to coach so if you have a question or concern please see them before or after practice.
  4. Prior to practice and after practice no children are to be “Horse Playing ” on the field without Coaches on the field under their direction which includes , Pushing, Tackling and so on. We don’t want anyone getting injured or hurt.
  5. No Water bottles or any other bottles on the field, this is a safety hazard. We have set up 2 different water break stations, one for the players and one for the cheerleaders off the field of play. Coaches may bring the approved squeeze water bottles out on the field from time to time but for the most part water breaks are done at the water stations.
  6. No stickers of any kind on the helmets, no sewing of any uniform be it Football or Cheer Uniform without the OK of Mrs. Tammy or Coach Dan.
  7. At least 1 parent or guardian per child needs to be in attendance at all practices and games .