Our History

FAYSA Brief History,

We took this program over 3 years ago being in debt and having a bad history with how it was ran. The program was around $4000.00 in debt, outdated kids equipment, 2 practice dummies wrapped in duct tape. We were practicing in the extra High school field with lighting provided by car head lights and pole work lights with a generator. Fast forward to present we have no debt, all kids equipment is new or less than 3 years old, we have a lot of field equipment as in Tackling wheels, Blocking sleds, Tents, Blocking shields, grills, Paint sprayer and so on.

In 2016 we started several new programs in order to start giving back to the community that has been so supportive.

Bulldog Training Camp:

This is open to anyone in the county we put an emphasis on School, Anti-Bullying, and an overall physical education program. This year it will run from June 15th thru July 20th. The cost will be $40.00 per child to which the child will get a shirt and the balance will go towards any FAYSA needs be it the outreach programs or the Football and Cheer Program.

Community Service (FHS)

This is where any High School students that wish to receive community service hours they can come help the Coaches during practice or in concessions on game day. We also have the opportunity available for the youth players if they need help with school work the FHS Student volunteers can help do that as well.

“Lunch 4 Kids” Program:

This was suggested by a parent that accidently received a letter about a child’s past due lunch account. We immediately acted on this by paying off all the outstanding past due children’s lunch accounts at FES and FMS. We now fund raise throughout the year to make 2 payments towards this one will be 12/15/17 and then again at the end of the school year. Children need to concern themselves about school and studies not the embarrassment or the need to eat a lunch at school no matter what the reason is.


“Toys 4 Freeport Kids”

Each year we fundraise for the less fortunate children in Freeport by collecting toys and or funds to buy the toys so they can have a good Christmas. We teamed up with the Mayor of Freeport and Tom from the WFD last year and it went great My truck was over flowing with toys. This year we are doing it again and will try to help 36 families in Freeport have a nice Christmas.

Canned Food Drives:

We continuously collect food all year long and give it to the Local Food Pantry in Freeport. This year we just donated close to $200.00 worth at one time which was awesome.

Houston Relief:

This past year we hosted the staging ground for our Houston Relief Fund raiser. We collected an entire trailer full of food, clothing and so on for the people of Houston.

Most of our funding comes from Sponsors and the kids standing down town in Freeport with buckets asking for change. We get all this done every year plus we have some time for Football and Cheer LOL. But our community is strong and getting bigger so as it does so does the needs so that’s why we try to give back wherever and whenever we can.


“Don’t Step Over 10 to Help 1, Help All Along The Way” Coach Dan


Thank you for your Time,


Coach Dan , Mrs. Tammy, Mrs. Letcher, Coach Joey