Community Out Reach Programs



  1. “Lunch 4 Kids” We started this program at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. It was brought to our attention that there is a problem with children in school unable to pay for their lunches. We contacted both the Freeport Elementary and Middle School and indeed there were several past due lunch accounts. At this point we decided to pay off those past due accounts for the children. We will continue to fund raise for this cause because no child needs to worry about their lunch account because they have no money or their family is having a hard time making ends meet.
  2. FPFD “Food Pantry Food Drives” Our group has several canned food drives during the year that benefits our local Freeport Food Pantry. We join in with the Mayor as well during the holidays to insure local families have something to eat.
  3. “Toys 4 Freeport Kids” Each year we join with the Walton County Fire Dept and the Mayor to collect toys for our local children that would not otherwise receive any at Christmas.
  4. “Veterans Memorial Continuous Clean Up Program” This started out as a FAYSA only project but now has become a community program, “Friends of Freeport” along with local businesses have come together to help the Town Planters Society in the upkeep of this memorial. This must be done in order to honor our past and present veterans.
  5. SFP “School First Program” and SCSP “Student Community Service Program” Both of these programs go hand in hand by having the High School students help the  children with home work SFP or Student athletes help out with our young football players and Cheer leaders learning the sport SCSP. In return the students are giving back to the community and earning community service hours for further education.     With all the above programs it takes everyone working together in order for them to work. We are more of a Community Organization than just a sports program. “Don’t Step Over 10 to Help 1 Help All Along The Way” Coach Dan